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It was only in 2015 that I discovered the existence of high sensitivity. At this point, so much fell into place. Many words could describe me, but what became clear is that sensitive / aware / open would be at the top of the list. I've since begun to engage with and host many events with Melbourne's HSP community. How strange to experience an ongoing sense of community with people who seem to be "made like me". Even more gratifying is the flow on experience of deeper connection with the wider world. It's been a long journey to understanding, acceptance and community. I'm pleased to have another outlet through HSP Haven and thank you warmly Zoe for making it happen.

Trump Era Manifesto

by David Hutchinson

Election aftermath, 4am. Sleep eludes me. But within me, an unexpected sense of hope and self-determination has taken hold amidst yesterday’s heart-wrenching turn of world events. Over the last 18 months, with horror and morbid fascination, I’ve watched the US election process as Americans revealed the worst side of themselves in giving air to the shallow, mean-spirited and truth-shunning bletherings of Donald J. Trump. Today he’s President Trump.

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Artist in Residence

The full title of the chapter I’ve just read is “Artist in Residence: The Small Intestine” … but I thought that might turn people off in the title line for this post. It’s a chapter from a wonderful book I’ve occasionally dipped into over the years, Body Eloquence by Nancy Mellon and Ashley Ramsden. Each chapter is devoted to a different organ in our body and its function, physically and soulfully. This evening I’ve been immersed in the small intestine – perhaps a phrase you don’t hear every day.

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