I came across one that of those common internet memes a few months ago. Apparently there are 36 questions you can ask someone that will lead to love. The idea is that you sit with someone and each if you answers three sets if questions. There are 36 if them all together. The first are basic get to know you questions that are meant to open up your outlook on life and your interests. The questions get more involved the further you go and eventually they ate supposed to build intimacy because of the self disclosure. At the end you look into each other’s eyes for four minutes straight and then you supposedly fall in love.

Now I am a verified cynic. A skeptical misanthrope and unpleasant son of a bitch. I was incredulous about the falling in love part but the disclosure part I could see as a decent platform for building intimacy

For most regular people I could see this as a way to open up. I watched several groups of people engage in this exercise in online videos. They seemed to connect with one another as they became more vulnerable. Maybe next time love but something was achieved.

I am not like this. I thought about what my responses would be. They were not encouraging. People would see what a monster I am. A snivelling, subhuman entity. These questions are meant to show a person’s genuine self to someone. I’m not sure if anyone wants to see that in my case.