I lie on fake grass

Eating chips cooked in genetically engineered canola,

Under clouds that were planted by planes

Thinking of the words you said-

That I’m your baby

A sister to you.

A friend.

That you want to protect me.

That you think of me

That you miss me

That we will keep in touch.

Words that make me feel like somebody.

Words that wrap my entire being

Like a snake, whispering, tempting my heart.

Your words dance on in me

Even when the music has long ceased.

Under sunset skies dripping with aerosol,

With invisible confetti,

With rain induced like pregnant women

Or forced tears

I think of your words

And how they fit with my broken heart.

With the empty inbox which greets me each day.

With the nobody I feel.

Your actions wrap my entire being

Like poison ivy choking my heart,

And I can’t help but wonder,

Is anything real?