There I was, adrift amongst the ocean of monotonous routine and empty acts that had become my life, lost in a loneliness and pointlessness that had no horizon. The vastness and emptiness was consuming. Every attempt to fill this void with false people, empty relationships and hopeless hobbies. I was treading water, trying to keep my head above the surface whilst enduring wave after wave of loneliness, insecurity and frustration. I feared that I would be out here forever.

But then I saw her, a lighthouse, high upon the cliff, her radiance and light serving as a beacon telling me that there is hope. That genuine people and real connections do exist.

Though from where she stood upon the cliff she could not always see how far her light could stretch. Nor could she tell how many could see it. And sometimes all she could see was the drop.

She wasn’t always perfect either. At times she was cracked and broken, sometimes near thepoint of collapse. But her light remained true and bright. And as I was drawn to it my eyes were opened to how even those of us who were broken could still save others. And I learned how loving another could teach me how to start loving myself.

As a lighthouse may be just a building to somebody on land it can save the lives of those at sea.