If I could take away your pain I would. I would take every part of it and send it far away. But I cannot, no matter how hard I try, so instead I’ll sit here with you so you don’t hurt alone.

If I could help you through all your problems I would do so without hesitation. But I can’t so instead I will walk along side you and help you navigate through them.

If I could stop you from feeling alone and isolated I would do so in a heartbeat. But it’s not in my power to do so. Instead I will be you’re friend no matter what. I will stand with you.

If I could hold you and tell you everything will be okay I would. But I can’t as I am just as lost and scared. But I will hold your hand and we can comfort eachother.

If I could be whatever you needed me to be I would be just that. But I’m not that person. Instead I’m broken and deeply flawed. But together we will grow and become what eachother needs. And with this we will be okay.