I am your computer

Notifications give you a boost

But one day you’ll realise I have you tied in a noose.


Your real life slips away

And is replaced by me,

You are now living a whole new reality.


You have lost all other hobbies,

And your ability to write.

Instead, you find, you can only type.


Your face burns from overuse,

You want to get away,

But, in my clasp, you will always stay.


While once you went online

just a few times a day,

Now you check Facebook until your mind starts to fray.


You feel out of control,

You’re screaming inside,

You turn to your blog in which you confide.


I stop you from sleeping,

You lie wide awake

Now you have come down with a nasty headache.


You realise you have a problem,

You try to seek some help,

But drugs get all the spotlight… no body hears your quiet yelp.


But you know I am a drug in disguise,

I take away your stress.

And without me all that’s left is emptiness.


I’m killing you slowly

And no one can see.

I both rescue you and add to your misery.