I just watched “13 Reasons Why” season two.  It was well produced and intended. It is hyperbolic in that way that afterschool specials are but I got enough out of it. One thing you can’t fault is the intensions of the creators and producers. They seem to genuinely mean well.

Something was bugging me about it though. Many of the plot developements are meant to be rather affecting towards the audience but that really is the point with a project like this. Along those lines I found myself having emotional reactions on a gut level that I usually don’t notice in myself. I am aware, though, that they are there even if only in the back of my mind.

Whenever I see women hurt I get a caveman sort if reaction that I should swoop in and save them. I woke up in the morning with the feeling that I needed a woman there lying with me so I could hold her. I felt the need to be protective of someone.

This is silly. In fact it is pretencious and sexist. I don’t condone this sort of thinking. Women should be able to resucue themselves and shouldn’t need a man to do this for her. I am committed to total equality between the sexes. This romanticized bullshit is not only an insult to women in general but also to me.

If that’s the case and I understand this then why do I react this way. This instance is not the only time I feel the degenerate impulse to want to rescue women.

Maybe I’m just not sure decent person deep down. I don’t know.