A piece I wrote about being held back by fear of rejection and going for what you want. Inspired by a poem called “The Anchor“.

I wait patiently at the dock,

For skippers to come my way.

Hoping each time,

That I will find the one I’ve been longing for.

The one who will breathe life into these sails.

Who will tend to me, patching up my chipped paint,

My worn body,

Making me new again.

Their loving stroke exists only in my imagination,

My heart skips a beat as footsteps on the boardwalk grow loader,

Then I sink as they fade into the distance.

I stay put,

For as long as I only accept those who come to me,

I am safe.

But something is brewing on the horizon.

The wind sounds different,

And the waves pick up,

And my anchor is rusty.

And my ropes are tethering.

I no longer want to be safe.

I hear the call.

I will sail through troubled waters,

To get to my dreams.