I used to identify with “left-wing” politics. I went to protests with socialists about climate change, LGBT rights and capitalism. But I’m not sure it’s easy to divide people into “left” and “right” wing anymore. Lately, especially over the “vaccine” mandate, I find more support from people on the “right”. So many so-called “left-wing” groups have been completely hypocritical throughout this pandemic. They’ve always said they stand for equality, freedom, rights, anti-discrimination, anti-capitalism. So where are my comrades while alternative points of view about covid and the injections are being censored? While doctors are being gagged? While all the media spins is fear and propaganda and big pharmaceutical companies capitalise off that? While covid treatments are being banned? While people are excluded from society because of what they choose to put in their bodies, losing their jobs and turned away from cafes, the movies, travel, sport and the activities they once enjoyed? Not only are the people I once stood with, chanted with and fought with quiet on these matters, but they are joining in on the oppression and marginalisation. They are out there calling the real people fighting for our freedom “right-wing anti vaxxers” and shutting them down. I feel horrified and betrayed as I watch my comrades turn on me and turn on all they stood for.

I recently met someone online who I seemed to have a lot in common with. We were both highly sensitive people and seemed to care about the same causes. We quickly bonded. We were going to meet. But today I found out we sat on different sides of the fence when it comes to the “vaccines”. Now my issue is not with vaccines per say, traditional vaccines anyway such as those that use dead whole viruses or parts of a virus to stimulate an immune response. The issue I have is more with medical tyranny, with these medical procedures being forced on people, especially when they have not been around long enough for us to really know their safety and when people are getting sick and even dying from them. And especially when it’s all pointless anyway as covid is spreading regardless of the fact than over 90% of our population are “vaccinated”. But this person I met quickly grouped me as a “right-wing, conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer”. We fought. I no longer felt safe with this person. Then they blocked me, but not before they had the last word. Like many highly sensitive people I am really shaken by conflict. And I am sad that every relationship of mine which starts off really great turns to dog shit. My mum is having a biopsy tomorrow so I’m already feeling pretty miserable. That, amongst many other things such as not being able to play badminton anymore. But I am glad at least that I got to see this side of this person early on in the relationship. And as I wrote in another post I am also grateful that I am a fairly guarded person. I hadn’t got especially attached yet or shared much of my life with them (though I did fall in love with their dog, and I am sorry the dog has such an owner).