Borderline Personality Disorder,

The borderline between public and private.

No one wants you,

For you are too “sick” for the private hospital, but too “well” for the public.

It’s the borderline between psychosis and neurosis,

A tightrope dancer wavering between the two.

It’s the borderline between love and hate.

Because the people you love always hurt you in the end.

It’s the way people can’t wait to work with you in the beginning, thinking they’re the one who can fix you. But eventually they can’t wait to be rid of you because you’re a pain in the ass, a bottomless pit of misery, a child that won’t grow up.

It’s the borderline between you and I,

Not knowing where I end and you begin.

Losing your entire self to somebody.

Not knowing who you are and what life you have left when they leave.

It’s the borderline between life and death.

It’s sitting on the top storey of a building with your legs dangling over the edge.

It’s the gush of wind as the train you want to jump in front of passes you by.

It’s the people who are most feared in our society.

We give them this label so they are feared even more.

They are emotional refugees

Who must be stopped with all the force we have.

They are a threat to our stoic country.

They must be sent back to their side…

Their wild emotions tamed with pills, DBT skills, or ignoring them until they give up for they are just children throwing tantrums.