The other day I received some stickers from an animal rights organisation called SPANA. They contain my name and address and are to be used on the back of envelopes. I’m not sure how SPANA got my details, but I am over the moon because they have used the gender-neutral title “Mx” on the sticker. I would really like more people to address me using gender neutral titles and pronouns. I’d like to be seen as a person first, not put into a box and all the expectations that come with that. I find gender to be an oppressive construct, especially the different rules for men and women (e.g. women should shave but men don’t have to). I’m not throwing away womanhood altogether, but I only partially identify as a girl. I am going by both “she” and “they” pronouns at the moment. I have even discovered a word for how I feel, and that is “demigirl”. People are going to call me a “young lady” etc. as I don’t look “in the middle”, and I’m not going to give up what I like just so I look more “in the middle”. But for those who know me, it would make my heart sing if you could refer to me in a gender-neutral way for a change.